Team ACE Musical Awards (LOL)

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Team ACE Musical Awards (LOL) Empty Team ACE Musical Awards (LOL)

Post by HonestGamer on February 11th 2009, 09:47

Just one choice per category!

Categories (Followed by my choices):-

1) Best Singer: Sully Erna (From Godsmack)

2) Best Band: Metallica

3) Best Guitarist: Mark Tremonti (From Creed - Now in Alter Bridge)

4) Best Drummer: Scott Phillips (From Creed - Now in Alter Bridge)

5) Best Synth: Craig Jones (From Slipknot)

6) Music (No Vocals): Enigma

7) Best Album: 'Weathered' By Creed

8.) Best Song: 'Serenity' By Godsmack

Best in Genres (Not necessary):-

1) Metal: Metallica

2) Rock: Godsmack

3) Pop: Blue

4) Hip Hop: Black Eyed Peas

5) Trance: Robert Miles

Other genres not mentioned - but you can mention!

Team ACE Musical Awards (LOL) Readym11

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