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Gearz V. Trainer +4 Empty Gearz V. Trainer +4

Post by The major o on February 26th 2009, 13:49

Trainer Options:
-F1)Unlimited Lifes:As it says,lose lifes as you like but you won't see Game Over

-F2)Unlimited Bombs:Blow-up those gears as you like but bombs number won't change.

-F3)Change Level :Man those first levels are for beginners...Hey why you just fill a level number in the Text Box and when you finish your current level you will jump to a level that you fill it !!!

-F4)Change score:Fill a score in the text box,press the hotkey and your score will change!!!!

How to use:
Use the trainer as a game launcher,press desired while playing(Not in the main menu)

This trainer is for Version1.0.2.12GH

Download Link:Click Here

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