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Current Team ACE Members Empty Current Team ACE Members

Post by HonestGamer on January 16th 2009, 13:39

This is a list of members who are appointed in Team ACE. These members are not just only site-registered members, they are Team ACE members who will be making releases on the name of Team ACE:

1. HonestGamer, Founder, Trainer Maker
2. Zirkhaki.MS, Co-Founder, Trainer Maker [currently semi-retired]
3. Ratchet_Expert, Site Founder, FAQ & Guide Manager, Publisher
4. AdmiralThrawn, Site Administrator, Graphics Designer
5. SalWe, Site Co-Founder, Graphics Designer [currently semi-retired]
6. Hamadah, Programmer
7. Vegetta, Trainer Maker
8. HiredAssassin15, Lead Graphics [GFX] Designer

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